Wtf really?

I swear this isn’t real this is fake ass politics. But I run an independent party. …lolol smh

All day

Never to understand the girl saddest girl holding a martini…..not wanting to hear not seeing like she’s not there. So what is there to give to an invisible.

Sumthing nu

Went shopping trying to cure my blues looking thru piles of blouses skirts& hats I like a hat oooo yellow pink shoes I love a shoe, tryin on all tht fits an some tht didn’t oh well I gotta find sumthing nu, to go with an attitude lookin gud in my sumthing nu to go with these nu eyes this nu smile come to realize I wasn’t even blue I just didn’t hve anything tht would fit my sumthing.

A complement is an insult when it said in thought to build you up ….. surely there’s tha when it said to watch you fall to pieces knowing what in thought is broken the whole is the insult. ….. The complement is the ? Wondering what you think about it in said take my word for it ain’t no favorites and I have to be more then ok after the rain. I don’t feel better about it in said no matter….. your behaviour and I need to find a way. Im coming to be more then ok after the rain the forest for tht goes on to be more likely to be more then you and I. Wondering

:-/ you weren’t good because you were good….I wonder how you are now just going thru the motions? Wondering if you were ever good at all. Missing that equation multipling, subtracting going over the math does it add up If not you no how too make right.1+1 simple numbers simples math.


My bamboo plants refused to grow for me I put in the sun nthn I changed tha vase nthn I left it alone hoping it would just grow, one day I walked into a shop and saw a tall blossoming bamboo I asked “how did you get to grow”? The dude asked all the ?’s tht I already did earlier finally he asked “how big is the pot it can’t be suffocated it has to have room to Grow” I immediately went home and remove the rocks that I had surrounding it for stability. Funny don’t we all just have to remove the rocks….trial& error

A good out loud laugh is great when in a funk, it warms this bad attitude.

You have no idea

Being here in a time and place of all an nothiness full of and empty can such a thing exist in time &place or an over worked spiral all buried treasures if dug could be found really in such a time and place.

Wondering who do they really belong too…..When we use them, Is it for different reasons for whtever reason do we use them carelessly or responsibly are they jus sitting there waiting to go or has it been yrs since they been seen by you or anyone. do you think about them does it stir up something can you say they belong to u or a forced issue tht made u……Jus wondering.

Straight face

How many times X’s can you keep a -_- face in a day?how long can you keep it do you cross your eyes? Do you think serious thought to keep it? Try not to blink? Afraid that if you give up your pokerface you presume weak or stupid ahhh it’s tuff not being heard so we keep a straight face.